Pete Wentz on Folie a Deux, F’NMTV and How Love Changed His Life

Pete Wentz‘s name causes a ruckus around these parts. And it’s caused a number of ruckuses (rucksi?) this past year, especially in regards to Pete’s relationship with now-wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Fans were gushing in both joy and outrage as the relationship progressed from steady partners to engaged couple, to married couple, to married and expecting their first child.

However, in an interview with The Sun, Pete took a chance to comment on his marriage. “This year has been a good one. My wife has brought a balance to my life that I could never have described to anyone. She’s the giant beam that I walk across and holds me up. But she’s also my safety net in case I fall. Being married has changed my life more than I could have imagined.” He also mentioned that if there was ever going to be a spokesmodel for his Clandestine clothing line, it would be Ashlee. “Is this a trick question?” he originally replied.

As for his impending fatherhood? “Yeah. I’m as ready as I can be. I’ve spoken to other dads, read the books and taken the classes with Ashlee. I’m as ready as I can be.” And as Ashlee’s due date draws ever-closer, Pete’s on alert. “The band don’t have a plan in case she goes into labour. All I know is that I’m going to be in that labour room.”

Even fans have to admit Pete has seemed happier since tying the knot with Ashlee in May. Considering Wentz’s low points in the band, from nearly quitting due to nude pictures leaking on the internet to his suicide attempt in 2005, a brighter outlook seems long in coming and highly deserved as he and his Fall Out Boy bandmates prepare to release their next studio album, Folie a Deux.

Speaking of the album, Wentz talked about that as well, including mentioning his favorite track is “What a Catch, Donnie,” which hit the internet earlier this month and features Elvis Costello as well as a myriad of the band’s friends on guest vocals. Wentz also talked about the recording process, mentioning that while all of the work with Costello was done via e-mail, his work with Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco was more intimate. “Brandon(sic) and I actually hooked up and had a laugh in the studio.” He also touched on the album being pushed back, saying it’s “weird” to be releasing an album two weeks before Christmas and reiterating the change was made to avoid being “gimmicky” with the Election Day release. Wentz once again promised that the new release would include some special “golden tickets” for lucky fans.

Wentz also ran down his top six favorite guests from his MTV music video show, F’NMTV. While talking about list member Rihanna, Pete said “Rihanna is very tall.” Pete, hate to break it to you? But compared to you most of your guests are tall, including P. Diddy and the boys from The Cab.

Pete also answered a myriad of other questions and shared his thoughts on English football (and which two UK stars he’d love to play a game with), his home town of Chicago, his long delayed book, Antarctica and eggs. And while I can’t even begin to summarize the interview, Wentz was possibly given a bigger challenge when asked to summarize Folie a Deux.

His answer?

“Patrick. Andy. Joe.”
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