Paramore’s Video for Decode Set to Premiere November 3rd

We’re nearing the end of the countdown to the November release of Twilight, the year’s premier film about glitter-coated vampires and the klutzes who love them more than life itself.  And while my opinion on the books has left me with no hope for the film, even I’ll confess to loving Paramore’s contribution to the movie’s soundtrack, “Decode.”  Maybe not enough to pick up a copy of the soundtrack on November 4th, but probably enough to buy it from iTunes at some point.

And of course, I can’t wait to see what director Shane Drake did with the music video for the song.  It’s set to premier on November 3rd on MTV, MTV2, MTVu, and, plus during the lead up, MTV will be giving you special behind-the-scenes information about the shoot.  But for now, check out these screencaps from the video, courtesy of the author’s official page:

Well, it certainly looks like they managed to captured the movie’s feel in the video! 

What do you guys think?  Are you looking forward to the video?  Do you think it will dazzle you?