we love soccer. i mean football.

*squeals* tonight was so great!! football season is the best! pirates against midland trail.. we WON! not that i really care haha. but i had like, the best time ever. met leah and chris’ friend, harold.. he’s 6 foot 4.. i don’t look that short compared to him, but it seemed like he was like.. 7 feet taller than me haha. and then he put me up on his shoulders.. ahhhh! that was HIGH up in the air.

got to hang out with caitlin… finally! we had fun. i probably scared her with my hyperness =)

we’re so awesome.

and it was great to finally get to hang out with leah. ever since she left for college her mom has been hogging her when she’s in on the weekends. i understand that though.

we traded glasses.. her’s wouldn’t stay up on my nose!

E&R.. we’re the best.

oh. i proposed to the amazingly gorgeous jarrod… haha. it was hilarious! but seriously… talk about major crushing.. *insert red-cheeked smiley face here* =D

ah!!! tonight was so great. i can’t wait until the next home game. seriously, normally something really crappy happens. but tonight was really really good. ahhh <333 ich liebe football games!!

anyway, how did your day go?