Summerdays….*Chapter 40*

One mouth later:

August is here and much has changed for the last mouth on everyone life.

First, just last week Gabbie and Jared got a surprise invite to Hannah’s and Tomo’s wedding. Tomo asked her to marry him while the two were at a Slayer concert. Romantic right?! LOL!!!

Second, while at Jessica’ s house for lunch one day, Dee and Gabbie got to meet Jake, Jessica’s new boyfriend for the last three weeks. (Major wonderful shock!) Jake works with Jessica at her job and he at last got the nerve to ask her out.

Third, Shannon and May are now beginning to go out on dates. (No surprise there!)

The only thing that didn’t change to so much is Dee and Frank. Bayly just had her first birthday, that was very sweet!

And, Gabbie and Jared relationship is the same as well, besides their love growing stronger and stronger everyday. Other then that, nothing new.

Then one day……….

At Gabbie’s house:

Gabbie just woke up next to Jared in a cold sweat again. She looks over at Jared and sees that he’s fast asleep. She smiles, and then looks at the clock. It just turned to six thirty am. She sighs a little and then lays back down and try’s to go back to sleep. Then that sicken feeling in her belly goes again. “Oh shit not again” she says getting up from the bed and going to the bathroom. And once again she beings to throw up. This is like the second time now in a week! After a few minutes she clams down. Then Jared comes running into the bathroom. “Honey what’s wrong!” he says bending down next to her. “Oh nothing, just getting a little sick, again” says Gabbie now flushing the toilet and then Jared helps her up and sits her back on the bed. “That’s the second time this week!” says Jared now getting very worried. “Don’t worry, I think its sill that rotten tomato my dumbass just had to eat” says Gabbie. “Well, me and Shan did warn you” says Jared. “Oh shut it or next time I’ll throw up on you, I’m on a roll now as you can see” says Gabbie. Jared laughs a little at that and then raps his arms around her and says, “I think we should call a doctor, just in case. I don’t like this even if it is just food poisoning” says Jared. “Yeah, think you might be right. I’ll call in the morning and see if I can get an appointment” says Gabbie holding her head in her hands. “Ok good. I’ll drive you” says Jared now getting up and getting her a damp rag. “Oh no, I don’t want to bother you” says Gabbie. “Now you know your not a bother in any way. And no way am I gonna let you drive with you being sick. Now here, lay back” Jared says pushing Gabbie softly on the bed to lay down. She does, and then Jared lays the damp rag on her forehead. “Your head feels like its on fire, this well cool it down” he says now laying next to her. “Thanks Jare” Gabbie says with a smile. “Your very welcome. I love you” Jared says giving her a kiss on the head. “I love you too” Gabbie mutters smiling. Then slowly the two fall back to sleep.

The next day, still at Gabbie’s house:

Gabbie just got back from work, (and that was fun trying to fight Jared into letting her go to work, but in the end she won, of course :D), and she is now calling the doctor office again. “Hello?” a voice answers on the other line. “Hi um, this is Gabrielle again, I called this morning” says Gabbie. “Oh yes, I am very sorry you got the answer machine, our damn phones where down for a few hours” “Oh that’s ok” “Oh that’s good. So what can I do for you Gabrielle?” “Well, I’m calling for an appointment see Dr. Way, he’s been my doctor for a while now so” “Of course, and what time would you like it?” “Um, how soon can he see me?” “Well, let me check for a moment, hold please” Then Gabbie waits a few minutes for the lady to get back on the phone. And at last she does! “Ok, there are no opens today, but there is one tomorrow morning at ten, how is that?” “That’s perfect” says Gabbie. “Ok then! I’ll pen you in!” “Ok thanks!” “Your welcome, see you tomorrow!” Then they hang up. Just then Jared and Shannon walk in. “Hey Gab how ya feeling?” Shannon asks Gabbie giving her a hug. “Good, feeling much better” reply’s Gabbie. “Good! I’ll make some tea” says Shannon now walking into the kitchen. “I made the appointment for tomorrow morning at ten” says Gabbie to Jared. “Oh good, do you still have Dr. Way?” Jared says smiling. “Yeah” says Gabbie now sitting down on the sofa. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong it’s just, I want to make sure your ok” Jared says looking at Gabbie’s now worried face and he then sits down next to her and gives her a hug. “I know” says Gabbie hugging Jared back. “Hey, how about having the gang over for dinner, to take your mind off the docs tomorrow?” Jared then says trying to make Gabbie feel better. “Oh I donno, might be a bit late to ask” Gabbie says. “I think it’s a good idea, I’ll call them and see” Shannon says walking into the living room holding three cups of tea. “Cool then if they want to come then yeah!” Gabbie then says feeling a lot better. “Cool I’ll call now!” says Shannon picking up his cell phone. A few minutes later Shannon gets off the phone and says to Gabbie and Jared. “They all said yes!” “Cool!” says Gabbie. “Ok, now we need a time” says Jared. “Um, how about six?” Gabbie says. “Ok, I’ll call them and tell them!” says Shannon now calling everyone again. He does, and then the three spend some time talking. Then Shannon leaves because he has a lunch date with May. “I knew they would be together” says Gabbie. “Yep” says Jared laughing a bit. Then the two watch tv for a bit. Then they go out for food for the dinner. On the way home, Jared asks Gabbie, “You feeling ok?” “Yeah, feel fine. It’s weird, only get sick in the morning” says Gabbie laughing a bit. “Yeah, that is weird” says Jared, now wondering what that could mean. “Maybe she’s…..Nah, can’t be!” he thinks to himself . “But, it could happen”