New Song ‘Dropped’ by Phantom Planet

A new Phantom Planet song has been unleashed on the WWW (ok, their MySpace) for your ears to enjoy! “Dropped” is one of the tracks off Raise the Dead, which is hitting stores April 15. Wednesday I tipped you off about them streaming their title track, but I think “Dropped” is my current fav.

If you pre-order the album from the Fueled by Ramen webstore, you’ll get to download the first single, “Do the Panic,” immediately. I do love instant gratification.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know after you see them open on Honda Civic Tour you’re gonna be like “ahhh man, they’re good, why didn’t I check them out sooner?” and I’m going to take a picture of myself sticking out my tongue and caption it with “I told you so, you slackers.”