Summer Indulgences

Okay, so it’s still early spring, and it’s still very cold here in Pittsburgh, but after a shitty morning I decided to head to Starbucks. And on a whim, I ordered my summer drink. A Green Tea frappuccino.

Granted, it doesn’t provide the same burst of caffeine as a good latte. And I do keep meaning to try the honey lattes at some point. But the Green Tea Frap is MY summer drink. I mean, look at it. It’s like some kind of fucked up frozen Sci-Fi indulgence. And it tastes fantastic. Though I’ve taken to ordering it sans-whipped cream.

And what else do I discover? Starbucks has brought back the pineapple-mango empanda!


There’s really no point in this entry other than it being part of my “OMFG SUMMER, HURRY UP!” stuff.

What are your summer food and drink indulgences? Is there something you can only eat or drink during the summer or else it feels wrong? Or am I just a freak?