The Cab crashed!


Early this morning The Cab got in a van accident… Alex DeLeon wrote:

This morning at around 3 AM, our van slid on a patch of ice on a highway in Wisconsin. The van flipped a few times, and our trailer and van both ended practically upside down in the median of the freeway. I was sleeping in the backseat and was awaken by screaming and yelling, and before I could think or see what was going on the van was rolling and everything AND everyone were flying through the van. The van’s TV hit Marshall in the face pushing his teeth through his front lip. My foot was smashed between a guitar amp head and a shattered window, and behind my knee was sliced really deep from broken glass. Cash hurt his knee, and our good friend and tech Drew got pretty beat up and had to get his face glued back together in several faces. Our drummer Alex, also got pretty beat up, as some of our faces were dragged across the highway and snow as we rolled. I am not trying to be too detailed or graphic, but I just want to be honest with you before rumors start flying around about the sitaution. I want everyone to know the truth and exactly what happened. The nurses and doctors in the E.R. were nothing short of amazing to us, and we want to say thanks to the firemen, medics, and strangers who assisted us through the horrible accident. This crash was horrible. Our equipment is ruined, our personal belongings were lost and broken, and our bodies our pretty beat up. However, we are alive and able to walk away from the whole thing. Other people and bands have not been so lucky. We are so grateful to be alive and to all be in our hotels right now resting.

Wow… I’m really glad they’re ok. Sounds like it could’ve been worse :(Source: Shoutmouth

UPDATE: One of Mendoza’s friends, Jessica, was in the van. Send her some well wishes

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