My Bamboozle Blog.

so this year for Bamboozle Audrey and I are going to be blogging for the Buzznet Bamboozle Page.

They have asked us to name 5 bands that we are the most excited to see at Bamboozle and then explain why.. I don’t really listen to any of the bands that our playing.. but.. since i have to pick 5… i would choose.. brand new, because ive always liked them. all of their albums were great. playradioplay.. because he makes all the music himself, and he’s super young, plus its good, and the boy can sing. MC Hammer.. because thats fucking rediculous.. Weird Al.. because he’s the worst and last but not least.. MUSE!

ive only heard a few songs, but everything ive heard, ive liked.. so there you go buzznet.. my bamboozle blog!!!!

in other news.. today audrey and i shot for skelanimals which does a lot of work with hot topic, the photos should turn out cute, they were taken by michelle star who is amazing! last night i got to hangout with my good friend zach who i hadn’t seen for centuries!!! before that audrey and i bought some new phone charms at momoberry and then went to koi for sushi..

Tomorrow we fly to philly.. 9a.m. flight!! going to be exhausted. bloody marys and trashey mags. nodar just showed up at my door, he’s totally different but hes still amazing. i miss his insane outfits.. now he has a beard.. oh nodar.. bangbangbang!!!