Heroes + Lost: BFF

Well, not really, but their creators are close and give eachother a lot of feedback– that’s probably why I’m SO addicted to BOTH shows! Ha. Wizardworld interviewed both of them. Here are some snippets:

KRING: There is no way a show like “Heroes” could’ve come along if “Lost” had not come along before it, not only for what it did in teaching the audience how to absorb a giant show like this, but especially what it did in teaching the networks how to do a show like this. LINDELOF: That’s very kind of you to say. And also, I feel like another part of the genesis of “Heroes” and “Lost” is that Tim and I are both interested in the same kind of stories. I’m sort of more a comic/fantasy/sci-fi geek than he is, but at the same time both of us spin on this axis of destiny, spiritual questions and “What is our place on the Earth?” KRING: Absolutely. That’s why we were friends in real life.

KRING: And with a show like “Heroes,” I tried really hard not to have a central mystery attached to it. Even the mystery of how these people got these powersI answered that and people didn’t believe me. I kept answering these things in interviews constantly, and I always hear, “Well, it has to be something more than just, ‘This is evolution.’ That’s not how it’s done. Someone is supposed to fall into a vat of nuclear waste or gets bitten by a spider. That’s the way it’s really done.” Well, no. This is my story, and my story is that it’s an evolutionary step. And we reserve the right to change that along the way, but that’s the theory I’m positing to begin with. LINDELOF: I know exactly what you’re talking about. Sometimes we want to get off of the freight train, and that’s when the backlash began in terms of the audience” KRING: “How dare you jump off of a speeding train and tell a story about something else?” LINDELOF: Right. “Now you’ve teased me with the meta and I’m not as interested in the micro anymore.” Every episode of “Lost” is just one or two days on the island, and so we’d always come back, like, a day after the season finale ended. So you’re inheriting all this story that you just did, and there is no way around that. If you skipped forward two years in time on the island, for example, the audience would be so mystified as to, “What did we miss? What happened over the course of that two years? Did they discover the mysteries of the island and we’re not privy to them? Why are Kate and Jin a couple?”

Must read the rest here. GOOOOO.

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