give em hell.

right now audrey and i just got home from seeing the movie land of women.. and the preview for it was very misleading.. and i was slightly dissapointment when i actually watched it.. now we are at home, making tutu’s for bamboozle tomorrow, then face masks and sleep.

basically.. thursday night…

so ..audrey and i went to a bar/dance club in philly last night. we had rainbow leotards on with tutus and tiaras… to say the least NO ONE liked it. some nasty guy frank pushed audrey and i into the bathroom and was being crazy. this led to our good friend fetus standing up for us. this later escalated into frank punching fetus in the face numerous times and breaking his skateboard. somehow frank was in a headlock and audrey and i ran over to the middle of street where he was and started punching him in the head in our rainbow tutu tiara extravaganza. THEN 3 lesbians came over and called audrey and i whores, so we stood up for ourselves and they started throwing punches. thank god audreys friend jacie who stepped in and took all of them on while they stole her car keys and phone. a huge riot broke out with hundreds people..tons of cops came and instead of helping us they started harassing us. i ended up walking away and then through hellokitty bandaids in the girls face.we ended up taking a 50$ cab ride and getting lost in camden. the lesibians tried to threaten to burn audreys house down. warrents. this doesnt even describe everything in full detail. just another night. live goes on. you take what you can get and run with it, youll always win in the end.

bamboozle tomorrow. come say hi. we’ll be walking around in our booty shorts and red lipstick.. the most white trash people in town. get into it. its 2007. make it count.