bleeding gums.

finally back to los angeles. bamboozle was great. i got to meet tons of great people, hang with some good friends, and audrey + i danced on stage with jeffree for his last song of his preformance. while we were there we stayed at the hilton hotel. they had the worst service and no one was nice who worked there. the first day of bamboozle was extremely hot and the second day was extremely cold. i didnt really get to watch that many bands play, but i still had fun. before bamboozle i got a new tattoo, its a pink cupcake with a turquoise bow on my wrist. brett also got a tattoo that day which said “my life, my way” with a skull and dagger. if you have ever been to philly you would know “wawa” which is a 711 type store. i love their green tea and sanwiches..

at 10a.m i got my wisdom teeth pulled. i am still dizzy and out of it from the operation. my face is a little swollen and im surviving on cold water and mashed patatoes. my new addiction is banana boss, which is this japanese character and 2 foot ugly dolls, i want them all. i want to paint my bathroom next week. a light purple with pink bubbles sprayed on. im going to go lay back down, because im still not feeling my best, but i will be updating soon.

things coming up:+ more skelanimal ads+ nylan interview & photo+ warped tour + weenie roast

xo HannaBeth