the rinestone junkie

another night out. saturday night with ali and puppy. the night started at a going away party in silverlake for this boy named jordan, who i didnt know until last night. when we walked in we were given name tags and offered red velvet cake. as we were getting our tags 3 girls walked by and the last one was shooting dirty looks our way..

we ended up in the kicthen, talking with our friend lisa. the 3 girls were across the room, and the one in a stupid white dress kept yelling shit like “some fucking bitch in here better stop talking shit”… i had said nothing, nor had my friends.. just some dumb drunk girl trying to start drama.. we then went outside where ali got her hair pulled and two boys asked if we liked their belt buckles.. which were their balls.. really mature.. one of the girls from the kitchen came up to me actting all sarcastic, and apologizing for getting off on the wrong foot.. shes a liar.. i hate fake people who consume their lives with drama.. grow up.

skelanimals shoot monday and shooting. its their new ad campaign.. so should be in a lot of magazines. ive been talking a lot with the owner of the clothing company 6 barrel hooligun.. and were working out warped tour dates.. so expect me on atleast 2 weeks of warped tour.. maybe more?

ali and i are going to start working on a accessories line.. should be really cute!

today has been great. ali and i went to real food daily and got a great vegan brunch..

followed by manicures and pedicures.. got all black on the toes and black and pink on my hands.. tonight were going to the coachella after party at vine bar, tomorrow zach gets to town for one night, its been forever. i want more tattoo’s, sushi from koi, to paint my bathroom a peach color with bubbles spray painted on and to watch the movie dream a little dream.

wednesday i leave to philly. photoshoots galore, bamboozle.