Parental Control.

so, ive been getting so many questions about my appearance on parental control, so i thought i would dedicate this blog to answering them. basically i went into mtv for an audition for the show because i thought it would be pretty hilarious if i was actually on it.. a few weeks after my audition mtv had called me and told me to come in for the interview with the parents and that i was probably going to get picked to go on the date. on the day of the interviews the parents were sick, so two men who worked for mtv were actually asking the questions.. 2 days later was my dad with anthony which consisted of me being a tour guide of LA, playing in a fountain and having a picnic. at times during filming they would tell me certain things to say like the skinny dipping comment or how whoever got the most coins would get a kiss. mable wasnt even anthonys girlfriend. she was some girl who worked with him at abercrombie.. ahahha. after i got picked and won, that was it. i never saw anthony again.. he did find my myspace though and ask if i wanted to go to sushi.. haha. so yes, the show is pretty staged, sometimes the couples arent even dating.. and the house we were in wasnt even his house..

other news..

i finally got a new laptop, so i will be updating a lot more now. new videos on the way. one includs a kareoke party at an asians house who was wearing gold hot shorts! so be prepared. 10 more days till i leave for shadows fall tour. if im going to be in your town, make sure to come out to a show! ill also be at bamboozle with audrey. new tattoo on my foot, it says fate. im thinking im getting a new one on my ribs of a lock and a skeleton key.

last words..

so this is how it is. take whats in front of you,and turn it into something positive.when there is no one to talk to,write. start writing down everything.not everyone can express how they feel to one instead of keeping all your emotions building up inside,write them on a piece of paper.then later in life you can look back to it,and remember exactly how you were feeling at that very moment.

this is need to try and disguise.wearing a mask, covering your true who you one has the right to judge you.don’t use people to gain something worthless.learn the meaning of a true friendship.