godzilla brains.

last night was a long drive to the beach in lovely los angeles traffic, followed by a jacuzzi. tonight Skyler and I are going to a T-Mobile party. i’ve known Skyler since kindergarden, shes the only person ive kept in contact with that long. wednesday night trevor and i went to the academy of television in north hollywood to interview the guys from the HBO show Entourage. a video of the interviews should be posted soon. i’m sick. i have a cold and it wont go away. club hopping with kate. from le deux to moscow to teddys.. only staying for 30 minutes at each. you want to leave when you’re having fun still, not when you get bored. vitamin c and green tea is my fix. spicy tuna is all i ever want to eat.

yesterday there were 4 fires in los angeles. the winds were so strong, it felt like a tornado. power went out in a bunch of homes, including my moms. just another day.. marlon is excited about his new school. he already has some friends there, so im sure he’ll have no problem fitting in.

why is it whenever i go out i always have to run into someone i know. it could be the grocery store or nail salon.. ill always see someone i know.. its the worst.. in los angeles.. everyone knows everyone.. i’m working on new designs for my clothing line. everything should be done by summer.