california rolls.

last night was the final night i got to spend with my boys from shadows fall. i’m going to miss them all. last nights show was at the wiltern. ali and i went for about 30 minutes, then went to california roll for some sushi.. the anaheim show, which was on tuesday was a complete disaster. the tour manager of stone sour was a complete ass hole to me. i was walking around the back and i was going to come in to watch the bands play and when i opened the door he grabbed my arm extremly hard, and asked where i was going. i showed him my passes and told him i was with shadows fall and i had been on the tour for over a week now.. he kept freaking out and when i told him to let go of my arm he replied with “i dont give a fuck if im hurting you”.. yelled in my face some more.. then finally let go.. i rushed to the nearest security guard.. and told them what had happend.. at first i thought it was a staff member of the house of blues, but later i found out it was stone sours tour manager.. he got in a lot of trouble.. and wasnt aloud near me for the rest of the show..

honestly.. no one should act that way to anyone.. he was a grown man.. what an asshole!! haha.

anyways.. last night…

after ali and i finished our rolls and green tea we headed to Youth Group which is DJ Skeet Skeet’s new club. he does it every wednesday night. i had a good time. it wasnt too crowded and i got to see a lot of friends i hadnt seen for awhile.

a bunch of new photos posted from my photoshoot with shutterclick photography. photoshoot for franny’s summer line happening this weekend. did a feature for Nylon Magazine.. its all about LA fashion.. should be pretty funny.. it was have a photo of me and a short interview i did.. interviews with the stars of the show heroes should be out monday!

until next time..

enjoy life. don’t take everything too seriously. its ok to let ok sometimes and have some fun.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket