Ilan FTW! (Top Chef showdown)

I don’t have that many celebrity crushes (or really, crushes in general) but when I do, I usually play it pretty cool. But as of late, I prefer to watch Top Chef without the boyfriend present because I have this tourette-like “Hey Baby” reaction everytime Ilan appears onscreen.

He shouldn’t be worried because 1. I’m a picky pesca-vegetarian– there is obviously no romantic future for Ilan & I. 2. Ilan has a girlfriend. I know, because I’m stalking him on MySpace. If it’s a fake him, I’m okay with that. As long as there are pretty pretty pictures to stare at.

I’m totally rooting for Ilan to win– not just cause he’s hot– but because Marcel is a prick. I have no opinions on their cooking skillz, because I just found out last week that you can’t grill things in a stove. (Grill? Broil? Sautee? It’s all the same to me)

Part II of the Top Chef Finale airs next Wednesday, January 31 on Bravo.

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