My Golden Birthday And The Greatest Surprise Of My Life

This month i turned the big 22. It was my golden birthday turning 22 on July 22.

This year was so different from previous birthdays. Before I always focused on getting every single one of my friends in one place making sure everyone was having the most fun they possibly could. This time around I was so busy with life things that it was 5 days prior and I said “SHIT I still haven’t planned anything!” So I quickly picked a place that was easy to get to, made a lame facebook event and invited as many people as I could. It’s weird that everyone is SO connected on facebook, but when an event invite goes out people never see it! They say “how was your birthday? I didn’t get a text :(” Sucks that to get a hold of people now a days you have to hit them up on every social network. Remember when we used to send out birthday invites when we were little? So much better. But the people that mean the most to me came and brought me flowers and gifts and their loving hugs.

My boyfriend had a busy schedule and knew he couldn’t make it to LA for my birthday. It was kinda depressing knowing he wasn’t going to be able to make it. I’ve always wanted to spend a birthday with a boyfriend (wahhh haha) I kept asking him, “Are you sure your not coming babe?” His response was aways the same sad “no”.. That friday I was just bummed for the weekend to start knowing I wasn’t going to see him. I talked to Carl, my best friend, venting to him about how bad I wanted to see my boyfriend, and I knew Carl wouldn’t lie to me. I asked if Paul was coming into town and he answered so convincing that my boyfriend wasn’t coming that I just wanted to stay in bed all weekend.

On my way home from work I was walking in the house all bummed, when I just got off the phone with Paul being a complete brat (I was low key mad at him for not being there lol) I go to open the door to get ready for my night and there he was……Standing there. With flowers. Excuse me?? I was looking for a trophy for WORLD’S BEST BOYFRIEND award!!

I lost it. I started crying. I was scared. Was it really him? Standing there infront of me after not seeing him for 3 weeks?!!? I jumped into his arms and didn’t want to let go. No one has ever surprised me in my life, especailly something to this magnitude. I was just thinking, how did he do this? Why did he do this? How did I get so lucky? This is the best birthday present ever. He gave me the best weekend ever. To be honest I could of sat on my couch all weekend in pajamas, eating lunchables, watching my ceiling with him and it would have been incredible. We went to dinner, hung out with friends, took walks, listend to jazz music and enjoyed one another’s company more than ever. It made me realize, I’ve always focused on trying to get as many people I could together to celebrate my birthday, when this year all that mattered was having the people that meant the most to me even if it meant it was 5 people.

Love the mind and heart of,

Dani Vitale