High School Memories!

Hey guys,

Here is a gallery and a fun Q&A about for you to all check out! I know a lot of you are getting ready to go back to school so I wanted to share my thoughts and memories on high school!

Was the first day of High School as scary for you as “they” make it seem

Going into high school is such a big transition and it’s not easy, I remember being nervous and intimidated. It’s not as scary as they make it seem on TV shows but the anticipation of the first day was a little scary.

Did you have a favorite class? Least Favorite?

I loved my fashion merchandising class, it was so awesome being able to learn and share my passion with everyone in that class. With the help of that class I ended up having my very first fashion show at school during lunch for all the students to attend.

My least favorite would have to be history.

Any special memories from school Dances/ Prom/ Homecoming etc? Did you attend them?

Homecoming was always an awesome time for me, I was on the cheer team and we would TP all the football players houses the night before the big game. We would also stay up all night decorating the school with balloons and signs

What is the best advice you can give about these kids starting freshman year of High School this fall?

Have fun! I’m sure everyone says the same thing but your HS years go by SO FAST. Also, be a part of teams and clubs, it’s such an awesome way to make friends with people.

One thing you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish I was more confidant and less insecure, as a perfectionist I always wanted everyone to like me and I wanted to please everyone. My advice is just be friendly and be yourself!